Justine & Jay

December 31, 2018

Chandler's Gardens

The "I Do" Crew


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    Chelsea Torres Pacheco

    Growing up with Justine, our days and nights were filled with uncontrollable laughter as tears would stream down our face as we would recite ridiculous movies NO ONE found funny (Bubble Boy or Seed of Chucky), play board games, make up dances (Honey and Coyote Ugly choreography of course!), or even pretend her baby brother was a doorstep baby (sorry Yvette!).  Our imaginations together ran WILD! Every memory I have with Justine is my favorite memory yet! That is why I was so distraught when I found out she was leaving me to go to college in a different town. I was afraid we would grow apart, as most friends do, and there would be no more memories to make.  Thankfully every time she came back to San Antonio to visit we picked up right where we left off, and it never felt like she was so far. It was almost as if she never left. This is when I knew I had a sister for life. Living in Lubbock not only gave Justine a degree and new friends, but it gave her the love of her life, Jay. Jay is the light of Justine’s life, and it’s so easy to see why! He is an amazing guy who cares and loves her completely. Although Jay and I don’t have 20 years of memories like Justine and I do, I look forward to the many years to come of making some as they come together as husband and wife!

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    Lyric Olervidez

    met Justine in Pep Squad, Freshman year of High School. We were inseparable throughout high school, we chose to go to Texas Tech together, but unfortunately lost each other for a while while there. We reconnected sophomore year of college, and promised to each other that we’d never do that again.

    Justine and I have made tons of special memories over the year. Most of them are us laughing and being weird together, but some of my favorites include: reenacting David After Dentist at 3am in 2010 while making a ridiculous amount of homecoming mums, camping on the beach for Ultimate Music Experience, getting to spend Christmas break together in 2015 where we had best friend time, and countless sleepovers. No matter how much time passes, we will always share these beautiful memories we’ve made. 

    Jay is so obviously a fantastic man for Justine, I loved being able to see this relationship flourish from the start.

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    Jaylen Wilson

    It all started freshman year. I was a lonely small-town girl just trying to find my way in Lubbock, Texas. I was working out and saw a familiar face. Justine and I sat down and skipped our entire workout (typical) and then walked back to the dorms talking about everything under the sun. From then on, we were inseparable. We somehow survived college, multiple spring break trips, music festivals, concerts, and many nights out on the town. I truly believe it was fate. I couldn’t have done college without her. She became my family away from home. Whether we were cruising around Lubbock with our dogs or going on one of our crazy adventures, we were always smiling and having the time of our lives. The crazy thing is we met Jay at the beginning of our Sophomore year. Even though they did not date until some time later and hate to admit this, I can assure you that there was a connection from that very first time they met. This was at one of Justine’s notorious Cottage parties, of course. Once they started hanging out more regularly I knew Justine was in deep. She wouldn’t admit it, but she was smitten. I observed her talking about Jay in a way that she had never talked about any guy before. I was just hoping he wouldn’t break her heart, so I did what any friend would do. I demanded to know more! I was over at Jay’s house hanging out with them after a concert, and I said, “So are y’all dating or what?” They looked at each other strangely and said yes. Also, I think they even teared up a little. I was thinking “Uh-oh I went too far with that question.” Little did I know that was the moment they started dating. I was so happy for them because they had both been such close friends of mine all throughout college. There’s nobody better for your best friend than another one of your best friends. Their relationship has been nothing short of amazing, and I couldn’t ask for anybody better for Justine. I know he will take care of her, protect her, support her, and take her on many more amazing adventures. I look forward to watching Justine and Jay grow in love for the rest of their lives, and I know they are truly better together. This New Year’s Eve will be the start of a wonderful journey for these two, and I wouldn’t want to kick off 2019 any other way. Now it’s time for champagne!

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    Annie Webb

    Justine and I became fast friends after meeting through work in college. Shoutout to YWCare! We were assigned the morning shift at a summer camp program to teach the same group of children.  After a day or two of getting to know each other, we were heading to the pool or out to eat as soon as we got off and the rest is history! Not long after meeting Justine, she invited me out for some drinks one night and informed me she wanted me to meet her friend. I didn't think too much of this because Justine has tons of friends and is very sociable. That night passes and I slowly keep hearing about this 'tall friend' of hers that I met that night and before I know it, they tell me they're dating! This totally caught me off guard and I immediately started crying because I was so happy for the both of them and have never seen a better relationship of love in a crazy college town! Some of my most favorite memories of them are many Texas Tech tailgates together (where places sometimes say open past 2!), randomly meeting them at a bar even when we might have more proactive things to do (Chimy's here we come!), and hearing the crazy stories Justine tells us while we're all hanging out that keeps us laughing for hours (what is it about the rice again?)! From crazy Lubbock to crazy Dallas I have been thrilled to see Jay and Justine grow into the best couple we all know and love. They have something between them that most don't find ever and I'm so happy I get to be there each step of the way! *cue happy tears again* 

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    Lauren Wagner

    The first time I met Justine was Spring 2015 in Early Childhood Development. We had mutual friends and I’d seen her around before, but the first time we actually talked was when we figured out we were going to the same formal with Jay's fraternity. We had breakfast at Torchy’s a few days before we left, and we instantly bonded. After that weekend, we would have a few more classes together. I convinced her to take two of my classes with me for her electives, which I was under the impression they would both be easy but one ended up being the hardest class of our college career. We spent days laughing at Vines, never knowing what Kaskade actually says in his song, the ‘emoji night’, and of course had endless adventures together. One night, Justine came up to me and told me how she always got butterflies around Jay, and how they always talked, but that she didn’t have real feelings for him. I told her that what she was feeling is "feelings" and the rest is history! Jay treats Justine like a princess, and I can genuinely see the love between them. I can’t wait to see what the future brings and I love them both! 

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    Brittany Bennatt

    could never have anticipated the friendship Justine and me were destined to have.   After I nearly poisoned her with mac 'n' cheese pizza from CiCi's, I had my doubts that we'd be friends. I don't know how she managed to give me, and the pizza, a second chance but I'm glad she did. We bonded over our love of dogs, gross YouTube videos, and dreams of joining the Peace Corps. I'll never forget hanging out after my last UT/Tech game, trying to muster up the energy to go to Piano Bar.  She made up background stories for the Pin-Up girls on Jon's walls and Jay got me so hyped for a story that he could never quite finish. We laughed, sang, and made so many great memories that night. As a matter of fact, every memory with Jaystine is a good one because they radiate love and positivity in ever real and corny way.


  • Groomsmen

    Austin Highsmith

    Describing my friendship with Jay is like putting on a seatbelt for the first time. From the moment we met, something just clicked. Awful jokes aside, for the past 7 year I’ve been lucky to call Jay my best friend. From playing call of duty, to waking up at 5AM to go wake boarding, we have always had each other’s backs. As most long distance best friendships do, Jay and I talk almost every day. He’s the person I can rely on to calm me down when I’m upset and pretend like he knows what I’m talking about when I discuss certain video games. That’s why when Jay texted me, “Call me. I want to tell you about someone.” I knew instantly we weren’t talking about something causal. 

    The first time I actually met this mythical Justine was at Jay’s college graduation from Texas Tech. Always talked about but never present, I was nervous meeting the people that had been involved in Jay’s life for the past 4 years. When I finally met Justine, she instantly made me feel like I had been in Lubbock with them the whole time. Her extremely kind personality matched with her strong voracity for life painted me a picture of just how perfect she is for Jay. That night, we went to a dueling piano bar, and I really got to see what makes them perfect together. Seeing Jay and Justine at the front of the bar, screaming the lyrics of Stacey’s Mom by Fountains of Wayne while everyone stared at them, shows that when you love someone, you only have eyes for them. I am honored to serve as Jay’s best man and help start "Page 1" of what will be a beautiful life together.

  • Groomsmen

    Jon Kramer

    It's hard to summarize our friendship in a piece for everyone to understand but it's also hard to find someone that is so similar to yourself. When I first met Jay while pledging the fraternity I would have never imagined that I would be writing this bit as a part of his wedding. I used to think Jay didn't like me at first but he claims that I was his "least hated pledge". Despite the short time we shared together in college, we created a friendship that changed my life and will cherish forever. The most pleasant memory I share with Jay would have to be what we thought was a near death experience when we decided it would be fun to go cliff jumping into what was possibly sub-freezing (probably not) temperatures. Jay and I share countless memories together but almost all of them we also share with Justine. I coined the term "Jaystine" to help myself out because I often caught myself bringing up Justine's name everytime I brought up Jay's. It just seems easier to speak of them as one because that's who they are. I have yet to meet a more perfect couple... other than Jay and I of course.

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    Tim Allen

    Words can’t really describe my friendship with Jay. I feel at times I’m like an older brother to him and, at other times, I’m a mentor to him. I still remember meeting him for the first time at a friend’s house when Jay was a freshman and I was a senior. My first thought was “who the hell is this tall kid?” cause I’m not used to someone being taller than me. Over that year and the many following, I’ve been fortunate to get to know Jay and travel with him across the country. 

    Definitely my favorite memory with Jay is the first time we went to Galveston. It was just the two of us hanging out cause we were the only guys in our fraternity family that lived in Houston and were in town. We decided to go to Pleasure Pier (amusement park on the beach) and get the unlimited ride wristband. Even though everyone thought we were a couple, it still was a great time cause that was one of the first times I really got to know Jay well.

    I remember when Justine and Jay weren’t dating during Jay's Freshman year at the Halloween football game tailgate, and we all sung Jay happy 19th birthday. The first time I saw them together was when I came to visit during my second year of med school and, although they probably didn’t know it then, I had a feeling that these two would last after seeing them together.

    I have so many memories with the two of them that I cherish, and the hardest thing to do is to choose just one. However, if I had to choose a favorite, I would definitely choose when the three of us and many others went to Michigan to go camping and attend a music festival. The entire weekend was a blast for everyone, but I remember just enjoying seeing how happy Jay and Justine made each other during the whole event (especially during the Big Shabang). It’s hard to believe how fast time has flown by since then, and I can’t wait to make more memories with y’all. 

  • Groomsmen

    Andrew Pecheux

    The first memory I have with Jay is remembering how he ruined my 4th Halloween.  I was out getting all the King-sized candy bars and Jay was like, “Enough!  This is my time now!”  So, off to the hospital we raced.  (How selfish) We had another great Halloween together a couple years later as Batman & Robin.  Everything we’ve done as brothers has been similar, but Jay always found a way to do it in his own way.

    Another great memory we had was a Christmas shortly after that.  We both got 4 wheelers! Jay wasn’t quite old enough to drive one on his own, so he hung on the back as I drove us around the backyard until the battery died.  Then we put that one on the charger and got on the other one and drove it in circles till the battery died.  Those were the good ole days.  I think I only knocked him off the back once or twice. 

    As we got older it became clear that we enjoyed the same activities in completely opposite ways.  On family vacations we would often go skiing in Colorado – Jay was the snowboarder.  In high school, I played soccer and Jay played football.  We were both on the track team.  I ran and Jay jumped.  We also built a new fence in our backyard together.  I was responsible for the demolition and manual labor of digging holes and setting posts while Jay did the whole cut twice measure once thing for all 1000 boards we needed to line up perfectly straight across the rugged terrain.  Another big project was remodeling the garage.  I’m pretty sure Jay just did the majority of that project now that I think about it.  The point is that while no team always agrees on everything in life, I believe we found a way to work together in our own ways throughout our childhood.

    I remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when Jay called me and told me that he knew that he was going to marry this girl that he was dating.  I was a little concerned because Jay has been known to be a tad spontaneous at times and I had not heard of this Justine before, but he then went on to tell me about how he had known this girl for a couple of years and how he didn’t know why it took them so long to get together.  He told me that they were best friends and that it was obvious to him now that they were destined to be together.  This was a little over 2 years ago.  The next 2 years turned out to be a whirlwind of adventures for the both of us.  I am excited to see what the future holds for Jay and Justine and I am blessed to be able to be a part of it.

  • Groomsmen

    Neil Azeez

    My friendship with Jay and Justine is like peeing your pants. everyone can see it, but only you can feel the warmth inside. My favorite memory with the couple is definitely the day I met Justine. It was a warm evening at Texas Tech University in the middle of August. My tall and lanky friend, whom I had just met two weeks prior, named “Jay” called me up to tell me that we were all hanging out at some girl's house named Justine that night. I obliged. As night fell across the Hub city skyline, we all piled into his car and made our way to the Cottages at Lubbock, a fancy new place for students to live. “Wow this place is nice” I thought to myself. 

    As soon as I walked through the door, I knew this was going to be fun. Tables and chairs all strategically placed across the Cottage for large groups of good company. Friends, classmates, and fraternity brothers were all scattered across the cottage, talking, laughing, and playing games when from out of the corner of my eye this lovely looking girl comes into my view. “Hi, I’m Justine!” she says with a smile. I instantly knew there was something genuine about this girl, something sweet, something real. As the night progressed I didn’t think much of it until it was about 12:00am, and I heard someone shout “NEIL GET IN HERE! LETS ALL GET A PICTURE TOGETHER”. And there we all stood, my future best friends, my future rocks, the future husband and wife.

    (Jay in the banana yellow shirt and Justine in the bottom left.)

  • Groomsmen

    Patrick Hawkins

    1. Our Friendship: Describing my friendship with Jay can be a little complicated, but also not complicated at the same time. It delves into the fact that relationships go through ups and downs. However, if they are meant to be long lasting relationships, they can indeed withstand virtually anything. Jay, from day one, has always been a genuine guy, a little goofy but nonetheless a dependable, smart, and good hearted man you always want on your side. Jay has a knack for working extremely hard towards the things he is passionate about and not caring what he has to do to achieve those goals. I as well share that sentiment, which is why Jay and I bumped heads a little (a lot) in college when it came to fraternity business. However, as much as there may have been a mixture of clashing egos, pettiness, and just being rude jack wagons to each other, my opinion of Jay never changed.  I always knew he was a great well rounded guy that was going to go off and do great things, possessed a great moral compass, and always treated those close to him like gold. After letting all of the fraternity drama subside, it was evident that we were more alike than we were different. I’m glad that I grew up a little bit after college, and I was able to truly put those things behind me so that we could get back to the things that made us friends in the first place. The past 6 years knowing Jay have been filled with a lot of good times and experiences I’m glad that I now share with him, and I know there will a lot more to come. 

    2. Favorite Memories with Jay: 
    Definitely has to be TCU weekend 2012 in DFW. When Jay was a little freshman, we took a bunch of fraternity brothers to Dallas to be in the area for the TCU/Tech football game that year (which we won in triple overtime, Wreck Em). So we wanted to turn up and get crazy, but most of us weren’t 21 and were too scared to try our fake IDs in Dallas.  We ended up a local Pi Kapp chapters house at UTA and probably had one or 12 too many. There was this thing they did at the house called “Shoot the Boot”, and essentially the rule was if you spilled a drink from being to clumsy they would chant “SHOOT THE BOOT” and pass a round a literal glass boot; everyone got to fill it with a little bit of their drinks and other random things that could be questionably ingested. I had spilled a drink and blamed it on Jay and told him to do it because he was a pledge at the time. Later we found Jay and his pledge brother Joseph just sitting outside on a paved porch with their heads in their arms just DONE for the night. It might have been my fault, but it was quite the fun night.
    3. How I know Jay and Justine: 
    Well, Justine has been my best friend since freshmen year of college, and we virtually did everything together during my undergrad years. Justine initially had a crush on Jay since the day he became a Pledge of our fraternity. Things never really lined up for them both till years later, but things always happen for a reason, and this marriage is another example of that sentiment. I recall the beginning of Jay and Justines relationship when Justine initially talked to me about it, there was a little bit of drama in the beginning because they both felt very strongly about each other but they just didn’t know how to say it or admit it to each other . Luckily, they worked it out and have been inseparable since. 
    4. Favorite Memory with Jay and Justine: 
    Middle-lands (a music festival near Houston) in the summer of 2017 for sure would be my favorite memory. I remember after one of the nights we went to some of the after parties on the camp grounds. I remember just walking around going to all these little DJ sets, carrying a cooler of beer at like 1 or 2am, quite possibly seeing some of the strangest people I ever seen. I look over and Jay and Justine were just in their element together. It was great getting to experience that festival with them and seeing how they interacted with each other for an extended period of time. Two souls who truly care about each other, and can enjoy life not only together but with the world around them. 


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